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Free ELECTRIC SIX ringtones

Free ELECTRIC SIX ringtones 

Be My Dark Angel

Bite Me

Body Shot

Boy Or Girl?

Broken Machine

Chocolate Pope

Dance-A-Thon 2005

Dance Commander

Dance Epidemic

Dance Pattern

Danger! High Voltage

Devil Nights

Dirty Looks

Down At McDonnelzzz

Egyptian Cowboy

Electric Demons In Love

Escape From Ohio

Fabulous People

Feed My Fuckin Habit

Flashy Man

Formula 409

Future Boys

Future Is In The Future

Gay Bar

Gay Bar Part Two

Germans In Mexico

Getting Into The Jam

Graphic Designer

Heavy Woman

Improper Dancing

Infected Girls

It's Showtime!

I Belong In A Factory

I Buy The Drugs

I Don't Like You

I Invented The Night

I'm The Bomb

I Wish This Song Was Louder

Jimmy Carter


Lenny Kravitz

Lovers Beware

Lucifer Airlines

Making Progress

Mr. Woman

My Idea Of Fun

Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)

Night Vision

Nuclear War (On The Dance Floor)

One Sick Puppy

Pink Flamingos

Pleasing Interlude I

Pleasing Interlude II

Pulling The Plug On The Party

Radio Ga Ga

Randy's Hot Tonight!

Remote Control

Riding On The White Train

Rip It!

Rock And Roll Evacuation

Rubber Rocket

Rubbin' Me The Wrong Way

Sexy Trash

She's White

Simulated Love

Slices Of You

So Let's Go Out Tonight

Steal Your Bones


Taxi To Nowhere

There's Something Very Wrong With Us

The Band In Hell

The Newark Airport Boogie

Vengeance And Fashion


Waste Of Time And Money

We Were Witchy Witchy White Women

When I Get To The Green Building

White Eyes

Your Heat Is Rising

You're Bored

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